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  North Beach (NoBe)

North Beach or NoBe is the northern part of Miami Beach all of which are in zip code 33141. The four main neighborhoods are North Shore, Normandy Isle, Normandy Shores and Biscayne Point.

Miami Modernist Architecture also called "Miami Modernism", or "MiMo" originated in the 1950s and 60s and is unique to Miami and Miami Beach. It was a response to the various modernist and post world war architectural movements that were taking place in other parts of the world, adding glamour, fun, and material excess to otherwise stark, minimalist, and efficient styles. Miami Modernism is heavily concentrated in Middle and Upper Miami Beach along Collins Avenue, and to a slightly lesser extent, the Biscayne Boulevard corridor in the city of Miami. Prime examples of "MiMO" architecture include the Fontainebleau Hotel, Eden Roc Hotel, The King Cole Condo, Seacoast Towers, Deauville, and Di Lido hotels by famed architect Morris Lapidus and Norman Giller's Carillon Hotel, which was voted Miami Beach's "Hotel of the Year" in 1959, and is now one of the three buildings that.comprise Canyon Ranch Miami Beach located in North Beach between 67th Street and 69th Street and Collins Avenue resting on six oceanfront acres. Canyon Ranch is revitalizing the area and is one of the reasons savvy real estate investors believe the North Beach area is undervalued when compared to other nearby areas.

The North Shore neighborhood is bounded by 87th Terrace on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, 63rd Street on the south and the Indian Creek and Tatum Waterways on the west. The neighborhood is highly urbanized and densely populated with multifamily apartments and condominiums. The commercial district is located along Collins Avenue and 71st Street. These commercial streets are state roadways.

Normandy Shores is a residential island with approximately 300 single family homes and 43 apartment buildings surrounding the Normandy Shores Golf Course and Fairway Park. Normandy Shores is accessed via the adjacent Normandy Isle, which is linked to Miami Beach at 71st Street.

The Normandy Isle neighborhood contains approximately 422 single family homes located in the central section of the island and two large multi-family residential districts located at the east and west ends of the island. A small commercial district is centered around the Normandy Fountain near the east end of the island. The 71st Street and Normandy Drive function as a one-way pair traffic way serving as a State arterial roadway.

The Biscayne Point project neighborhood is a totally residential island, separated from the main barrier island of Miami Beach by the Tatum Waterway and Indian Creek. The area consists of a large multi-family apartment district known as Biscayne Beach (located between Tatum Waterway and Hawthorne Avenue), as well as two distinctly different single-family residential neighborhoods: Biscayne Point and Stillwater Drive.